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I’ve been writing!

I’m up to about 26,000 words toward my general goal of 100,000. The story, characters and themes have been evolving, and the book in general is definitely heading in the right direction.

Last night, I wrote an intense battle scene. It’s the penultimate scene of Act I. I’ll be wrapping up that first act tonight.

Since the book, The Phi, has so radically changed from the original concept, and since every few chapters I pull something out or insert something new, I think it’s best not to offer overly specific details about the book. I can, however, offer some generalities for your consumption.

  • The book features a female protagonist
  • The first act centers around the city of Portland, Oregon
  • The plot, in general, concerns humans and extraterrestrial allies facing an incursion by brutal, exploitative alien invaders
  • The outcome of the incursion is revolutionary, in regards to its impact on human culture and way of life
  • The book features more than action scenes, gargantuan alien vehicles and arcane technology–it contains themes of struggle, catharsis, the meaning of consciousness, and the limitations of human perception

These details, of course, are subject to change as the book progresses and forms.

I’ve managed to do a great deal of growing as a writer, and hopefully as a person. Finding the room in myself to write honestly, to allow those words to flow from a place of truth, without pretense–that’s been a struggle. I was worried about that from the outset.

But, I’ve come to see that voice is a learned and acquired thing. The road to reaching your potential, to no one’s surprise, requires sitting down and doing the work. For me, that’s putting the words on paper, no apologies. And learning from other writers.

Speaking of which, right now I want you to head over to this thread on Absolute Write Water Cooler forum: Learning to Write with Uncle Jim. I’m up to page 61, and I’ve learned more from this thread than I could have gleaned from the web in months. Jim has dedicated a lot of time and energy to this thread, and the results are well worth reading from page one.

Even better, sit your butt in a chair and write for two hours! (Then go check out that thread.)


Projects and Word Count

To give you a good idea of what I'm working on, I'll list some of the projects that I'm building, as they come. Coming soon, I'll also briefly elaborate on plot synopsis and characters for The Phi here.

The Phi- A cerebral science fiction thriller.
Status: First draft/development
Word count: 26,000/100,000 (Estimated goal)
Fresh Fish- Short story. In juvenile detention for God-knows-what, a troubled kid named Randy gets an odd new cellmate.
Status: First draft complete
Word count: 1447 (FD complete)



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