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Blog making progress in development

Whew! I’ve ran into so many technical snafus today, not just here on WP. I’ve been working on the way the blog is organized, I did some touch-up work on the header. And then…trouble!

I use Ubuntu, a Linux distribution that totally rocks. If I were still on Windows, I’d still be dealing with constant freezes and crashes, restarting the computer at least every hour to clear all the processes that build up. Not to knock Windows completely, because it does have a lot of great applications and aspects, but once you go Ubuntu you just never go back. Or at least, rarely.

I had just switched to Chromium from Firefox, about a week ago. I was spurred by all the problems I’ve been having with Flash, and I like sites like Youtube and Grooveshark, very Flash-dependent stuff. At first, Chromium was great, I loved it. Fast, sleek, easy-to-use. And then, something happened. Suddenly, my programs were freezing up, and even crashing. All the time, for the past couple of days. About an hour ago, I looked at the list of process, curious to see if a lot of RAM was being appropriated by Chromium.

And there it was. For each tab you open in Chromium, it starts a new process. Some of these processes are taking up to 50, or even 100 MiB RAM. And if you’re like me and run up to 100 tabs at a time, this spells disaster!

So I had to switch back to Firefox. But, you can’t just import all browsing data to Firefox, at least in Ubuntu. After this and a few other problems, I created a new Firefox user profile, tried to import bookmarks by HTML (which failed, oddly), and then visited the sites I use to work one by one, bookmarking them.

It’s actually pretty nice to have a clean start on Firefox, and make everything streamlined for working, but I had hoped to be working on The Phi right now. I’m glad to be here, though, because I really wanted to write something for you folks.

I’ve made a lot of progress on the design around here, started a new Facebook page and a Twitter account, and I feel like I’m all warmed up to do some fiction.

If anyone has any ideas for content or design for the blog, I’d love to hear them in the comments section below. If you had to choose, what kinds of things would you like to see in the future? Writing samples? A synopsis? Character profiles? Talk to you soon, I hope!


About Benjamin Fenton

30 year-old writer, living in Ohio. I am currently writing my first novel, a cerebral science fiction thriller called The Phi. I hope to share my experiences as a writer, and the things I learn along the way, with other writers and readers of fiction. I blog about writing and my novel at https://benjaminfenton.wordpress.com/


2 thoughts on “Blog making progress in development

  1. I have no idea what the first 90% of this post is talking about. I use wordpress because I am an HTML ignoramus. I too have a facebook page and twitter account, but I’m a hack with social media.

    Here’s my content thoughts. First a disclaimer, the blog can easily distract your from the real work – writing. Just beware. Second, most of what I’m curious about is the process – when you write, where you write, how long you write, etc. I like to learn from others mistakes which was the genesis of my Infer vs. Imply post (http://wp.me/p26N0W-1M) I’d be less interested in the character profile and more curious about HOW you came up with the character – inspiration, reminded you of your gym teacher, etc.

    Posted by ryan85 | 10 January, 2012, 10:15 am
    • I barely have my head above water on computer stuff, I just learn as I go! I see what you mean about it become a drain on my work, I definitely should have been writing last night (although I did get the blurb written out, I’m quite excited about that.) And, thank you much for the input–I think that as my characters develop, I’ll be sharing aspects of what drives them (or drives me to drive them;)), what inspired me to make them the way they are, and what made it harder/easier.

      Posted by Benjamin Fenton | 10 January, 2012, 10:42 am

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