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What a wonderful day to write a blurb

So. I am itching to share the blurb for The Phi. But, I don’t want to be overly hasty. I have a poll up over there to your right (or if you’re in the actual post, it’s back there on the home page, just click on my name above the header) asking what kind of sample I should post on the blog. In case you can’t see it at the moment, the options are:

1. A brief plot summary, about a paragraph or less

2. An outline of what happens in the first two chapters

3. A writing sample from the first draft, and a one sentence general summary

Now, the idea of putting up a writing sample and single-sentence summary would take the longest and most work, and would mean polishing up the writing sample to the point of it being worthy of posting. That’d be at least a month from now. An outline of the first two chapters is good for a technical view of the outset of the story, but the downside is that it won’t give the true feeling of what the book’s about. The blurb, or Option 1, has the benefit of giving you an overall sense of what the story is about; the downside is that it doesn’t fully convey the subplots or themes.

If there is enough demand for the other two options, I’ll do one of them–but either way, I’m probably going to put the blurb out there in the next couple days. It took a lot of work to write a blurb, and I recorded the step-by-step process of how I did it. So, sharing that will be exciting, too.

No matter what folks choose, I’ll most likely be putting these things out there over the course of the first draft. But, getting your input will affect what order it happens, and how soon. So go ahead, take the poll. There’s also an option to put your own idea about what you think I should share about the story. I can always use the input!


About Benjamin Fenton

30 year-old writer, living in Ohio. I am currently writing my first novel, a cerebral science fiction thriller called The Phi. I hope to share my experiences as a writer, and the things I learn along the way, with other writers and readers of fiction. I blog about writing and my novel at https://benjaminfenton.wordpress.com/


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