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I’ve been writing!

I’m up to about 26,000 words toward my general goal of 100,000. The story, characters and themes have been evolving, and the book in general is definitely heading in the right direction. Last night, I wrote an intense battle scene. It’s the penultimate scene of Act I. I’ll be wrapping up that first act tonight. … Continue reading

Blog making progress in development

Whew! I’ve ran into so many technical snafus today, not just here on WP. I’ve been working on the way the blog is organized, I did some touch-up work on the header. And then…trouble! I use Ubuntu, a Linux distribution that totally rocks. If I were still on Windows, I’d still be dealing with constant … Continue reading

Welcome to my blog. Let’s call it ours.

Hi. My name’s Benjamin. I’m writing my first novel. I think a lot of folks will enjoy the story that I’m writing. As I develop the first draft, I will share with you my experiences. I’d like to learn from other writers, and help other writers any way I can. I’d like to share my … Continue reading


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