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I’ve been writing!

I’m up to about 26,000 words toward my general goal of 100,000. The story, characters and themes have been evolving, and the book in general is definitely heading in the right direction. Last night, I wrote an intense battle scene. It’s the penultimate scene of Act I. I’ll be wrapping up that first act tonight. … Continue reading

I should be writing!

So that’s what I’ll do. I had to take a break though, because I got really stuck in a dialogue scene that turned into a crazy infodump. I struggled with this thing for three days. Then it dawned on me to ditch almost the entire thing, go simple, and reveal more facts in the details, … Continue reading

What a wonderful day to write a blurb

So. I am itching to share the blurb for The Phi. But, I don’t want to be overly hasty. I have a poll up over there to your right (or if you’re in the actual post, it’s back there on the home page, just click on my name above the header) asking what kind of … Continue reading


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